Internet of Things with Circuits

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Internet of Things with Circuits

In this course, we will introduce the basics of circuit design in order to help your students become a robotics engineer. We will demonstrate how robots and devices can take sensory information and respond to it by performing programmable actions in our 3D world. We will be covering the very basics of electrical engineering, circuit design, and hardware debugging in this course, but some prior knowledge in coding is expected. This is a fun and unique course that explores the potential of the Arduino microcontroller. Kids can make wearables and learn about how automation is used in a million other ways such as cars, homes, and other connected devices. We're even using a WiFi component so students can take their programming to the next level, communicating between sensors, lights, speakers, and more, creating smart devices. Imagination and creativity are the keys to being great engineers, and we hope that this course provides a strong foundation to build upon in the future!

Explore in depth a few different classes of electrical components and circuits that are required for robotic sensing.

Explore how robots can see, hear, and respond to touch, by using basic breadboarding to build circuits. Just like with humans senses, robots need to be able to sense their environments in order to interact with it.

Design robots that can communicate with other devices, make chirping noises, and/or light up with different colors!

Explore and expand your world by learning how you can program a robot to collect and utilize sensors and data.

Program an Arduino board using a simplified version of C+, connecting and controlling components and and programming using the Arduino IDE.

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Internet of Things with Circuits














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