• Where are you located?

    We have a couple of locations throughout the Austin area. Our brick and mortar space is located in Westlake off North Capital of Texas Highway 360
    (3801 North Capital of Texas Highway Bldg D Ste #130, Austin TX 78701).

    We are also partnering with schools to offer our programs at their facilities. We currently offer our coding courses out of Headwaters School’s River campus in Downtown Austin (807 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78701).

  • How much does it cost?

    Prices for our programs vary by location. Weekly classes are a once-monthly recurring subscription with discounts available for siblings. 

    For more specifics, feel free to reach out to one of our locations!

  • Does my child need to know any coding or programming already?

    Not at all! 

    At Code Galaxy we specialize in developing your child’s programming knowledge from the ground up. We have courses that provide information on basic computer literacy and then incrementally build up to more advanced concepts such as writing code in industry prevalent programming languages.

    Our classes are all self-paced, so your child will always go at the speed that is right for them and can always rely on our instructors for additional support.

  • Where will my kid start in the coursework?

    Our experienced teachers work with the parents and students to help place students at a developmentally appropriate age, as well as help them pick a topic that they are interested in. 

    We make sure our students are working on projects that are both challenging and fun, while also considering what their interests are. We have courses for beginning, middle, and advanced students, and interconnected topics in several domains including app design, web programming, robotics, and video game design.

    These different topic areas also teach a variety of different programming languages such as LUA, JavaScript, Python, C#, and more!

  • Do you teach Python? What programming languages do you teach?

    We have a wonderful curriculum module that we partnered with Auto Auto AI to bring to our classrooms. This curriculum combines Python and Artificial Intelligence topics. They will learn the fundamentals of Python all with self-driving RC cars!

  • Do you have any scholarship opportunities? Are there options for payment plans?

    We have a number of scholarship opportunities for parents and their children!

    A list of these opportunities are located on our scholarship page (https://www.thecodegalaxy.com/scholarship). We also offer specialized payment plans for parents, which you can learn more about by reaching out to our customer service team.

  • Who teaches your programs?

    We look for educators who have experience working with children, a love for enriching young minds, as well as those who have knowledge and experience in the domain of software development and computer science.

    Some of our instructors are former teachers who have attended a coding bootcamp, and others are CS majors who have worked at camps and as tutors and are excited and ready. All candidates are background checked and trained in working with children by Code Galaxy.

  • What is the student to teacher ratios?

    Although our official cap is 8 students per teacher, we typically have 5-6 students per teacher. The exception to that rule are camps where we have specifically designed curriculum.

  • What is your refund policy for camps?

    Camps are fully refundable up to 30 days before camp begins. If a camp is canceled, Code Galaxy can either issue a full refund or can issue a credit towards another camp or weekly class, whichever is requested by the customer. Refunds within 30 days of the start of camp will be handled on a case by case basis by Code Galaxy.

  • What does a typical class look like?

    1. Weekly Drop-In Classes: Our Weekly Class programs are taught using what we call the flipped-learning model. This is where information and skills practice are not delivered in a lecture-based classroom format, and instead allows students to work at their own pace, freeing the instructors up to help individual students with bugs, questions, and in creating unique and amazing coding projects! For students who come in once or twice weekly after school and/or Saturdays, our software plays a pivotal role. Students are able to come in and log into the Code Galaxy platform to work on a topic and level of their own choosing, at a pace that is appropriate for them. Our platform allows teachers to give feedback on work that students have submitted and sets the pace to make sure teachers know what students are doing. When a student finishes a project, worksheet, or gets quiz questions wrong a certain number of times, the platform will have a teacher come over to check their work. 

    2. Summer Camps: These camps are a bit more like a typical classroom type of environment where our instructors deliver content and engage students in group activities as they work through the course together. The key difference is that our platform also allows students to work through an amount (and level of difficulty of material) that is appropriate for each individual student.

  • Do you require a down payment to reserve a spot for camps?

    We require a deposit to enroll for a camp, and have flexible payment plans available.

  • What will my child expect to learn in your programs? Will we receive updates on their progress?

    Yes! Currently we send home a half-sheet of information that outlines what topics your students worked on in their session as well as the coding projects and skills they gained. Summer Camp students will get a newsletter and what was learned in their course with pictures and examples. We are currently working on adding a parent view to our software platform that allows parents to log in, see the lessons their students completed (along with a description of what was learned in that module) as well as see examples of the assignments and coding projects their students completed!

  • Do you pick up students from their schools and bring them your location?

    Currently, Code Galaxy does not offer and shuttle or bus service to pick up or drop off from school to a Code Galaxy site. We do provide Saturday classes as a convenient way for students to get coding experience in if families have busy weeks or live far away from the center. 

  • What ages do you teach?

    Currently, we have curriculum for children from 5-14 years old and are in the process of creating more classes for younger and older students!

    8-10 years old
    Programming and Robotics with Sphero & Makey Makey
    Beginning Python Coding with Auto Auto AI
    Game Design Principles with Scratch
    Web Design and Graphics
    Principles of Computers, Apps, and the Internet

    10-12 Years Old
    Minecraft Game Design with LUA
    App Design with MIT App InventorPython
    Data Science, & AI with Auto AutoWe
    Programming with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
    Engineering & Robotics with Micro:bit and Sphero

    12-14 Years Old
    IOT & Robotics with Arduino Unity Game Design with C#
    Advanced Python AI & Data Analysis with Auto Auto
    Full-Stack Web Programming w/ JavaScript Frameworks & Databases
    App Programming with Android Studio

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