Parents Night Out at Code Galaxy


Weekly offered

most Fridays

Only $40

per night


games and challenges



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Parents Night Out at Code Galaxy

Mark your calendars and make your reservations, we’ve got the kids covered with Code Galaxy Parents Night Out!

Weekly on Fridays, our instructors will turn the Code Galaxy classroom into a robotics and space-themed den of discovery and fun. Enjoy a night out while your kids tackle exciting Sphero coding challenges, enjoy robotic-themed movies, Minecraft creative building, and more!

The adventure starts at 6pm and will have your little space explorers back on Earth, ready for pickup, by 9pm. Dinner and snacks are provided.

Fun activities available such as Minecraft building, Sphero races, movies and more!

minecraft building

Kids make new friends with similar interests.

kids make new friends

$40 covers the entire evening and dinner for your child

dinner for your child

Enjoy a well-deserved night off knowing your kids are in good hands

kids are in good hands

Reserve your night out today!

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West Lake Hills - Davenport Village

3801 North Capital of Texas Highway Bldg D Ste #130, Austin TX 78746

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