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We Make Coding Fun For Kids Ages 7-18


Foster and solidify a passion for technological innovation among kids


Providing advanced, flexible and engaging technology education for kids
Code Galaxy grew from a small physical center in Austin, TX, to multiple satellite locations throughout the regions, offering hybrid classes both on and off-line, to finally becoming 100% online-based. Our students learn basic to advanced computer and programming skills, giving them 21st-century tools for creative expression!

Our world-class teachers will make computer science accessible to students, and our learning model enables advanced students to learn at their own pace. Kids can complete the exercises and practices required to understand the concepts and skills quickly and thrive using new knowledge and creativity in creating their own programs.

Currently, there is a lack of quality technology and coding education in schools. As a result of such few qualified teachers, the current system does not give students a thorough understanding of computer science and programming.
We're here to fix that.
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The Code Galaxy Philosophy

Program Highlights

Curriculum is self-paced, fun, and engaging for students of all ages.
Parents can track students’ progress on skills, competencies, and coding projects.
Learn about programs and operating systems & file saving and hierarchy.
Kids create real programs that can be showcased to friends, family or in college applications.

Curriculum Overview

We aim to teach an understanding of computing and network systems that students will need to be technologically literate, and the skills to program. We also make it FUN!
Younger student will learn about systems and object-oriented programming through video, interactive lessons, and boilerplate activities where students modify and discover features of a programming language.
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Vijay Kalvakuntla

Vijay Kalvakuntla

MBA Wharton School of Business, UPenn



Simmons Investment Banking
Stellus Capital

Mitchell Morales

Mitchell Morales

Education, Energy & Entertainment experience



Director of Business Development E-learning 360
Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Euphoria Festival
Advisory Board, Everfest

Jobin George

Jobin George

Bachelor's degree Biological Sciences



Senior Healthcare Consultant,
The Advisory Board Company
Healthcare Consultant, Sunquest Information Systems

Lindsay walker

Lindsay Walker

MA Integrative STEM Education



Computer Science Teacher,
University of Texas Masters of Science
Integrative STEM Education

The Code Galaxy Founding Team Has a Proven Track Record With Significant Experience in Teaching Computer Science Curriculum to Both Adults and Children.

Ravi Parikh

Co-Founder & Board of Directors
Ravi is co-founder of Code Galaxy & CEO of RoverPass. He was a co-founder at MakerSquare, an adult coding school acquired by Hack Reactor, a board member at Euphoria Festival, and an investor in long-distance ride-sharing company, Hitch. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Finance from the University of Texas at Austin.

Marliis Reinkort

Marliis is an experienced leader in the virtual learning space. She was the COO at Emerge Media (E-Learning Company), where she helped empower students to reach their potential in the Arts. She is also a professional rower who competed for both USC Women’s Rowing team and the national team. In her free time, she enjoys reading and being outdoors. Marliis holds a B.A. in Communication and M.S. in entrepreneurship from USC.

Pattie Wilburn

Customer Service
Pattie has extensive experience in customer support, sales, social media marketing, and guiding parents & kids towards positive results. She started her journey in International Business at St. Mary’s University, only to quickly learn the power of online learning, social media, and travel. In her spare time, Pattie practices yoga, encourages all to understand the value and importance of travel and connections through her role with Weekender Productions.

Core Values

Being Genuine

Caring about our Customer And Teammates

Always Open to Taking Feedback and Adjusting Accordingly

Sincere and Authentic Communication

Being Accountable

Commitment to Our Company and Our Customers

Consistency in a High Quality Customer Experience

Work Hard to stay Focused to Get Stuff Done on Time


Good Vibes Only

Open and Honest Transparent

Always Available for a Helping Hand

Guaranteed Delivery

Always Creating and Executing New Solutions

Responsive to Customer Ideas and Requests

Nimble and Fast Moving

Constantly Learning New Skills

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Featured Teacher
Brian is a software engineer with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He has used C++, Java, Python, JavaScript as well as other languages in his professional career, working at the likes of Apple as well as in the electric and cyber security industry.
Brian first started learning computer programming over 20 years ago and developed a passion for tutoring young students at around the same time. Prior to working with Code Galaxy he was a member of a research project funded by the National Science Foundation which was focused on developing curriculum for elementary school computer science students.
Teaching the next generation how to write computer code is one of Brian’s biggest motivators. He is excited to see so many students interested in computer science and looks forward to the developments and benefits they will bring to the world at large.


Featured Teacher
Matthew is a Computer Science major with a knack for programming that started with making simple games in C++ and OpenGL in high school. From there, he expanded his knowledge by studying JavaScript, HTML, CSS, 3D Printing, and Arduino hardware.
Matthew's wide set of STEM skills and experience as an online computer science instructor makes him the perfect tutor to help your kids discover that there is no topic beyond their undersanding, and no goal they cannot reach.
When not teaching code or keeping himself up-to-date with the newest and best coding practices, Matthew enjoys playing the saxophone, piano, and flute.


Featured Teacher
George is a Communication Engineer and Computer Scientist with 15 years of experience under his belt. He is currently a university instructor and has been teaching computer science courses, namely programming for a decade. George joined Code Galaxy to provide the younger generation with the same level of excitement for coding that his role models did for him.
Besides teaching, George is a choir conductor. He is always busy making music and holding concerts with his 85-member choir. He is a writer, composer, and singer, and was once an actor and TV presenter - but there are only so many hours in a day!
Georges sincerely hopes that your child has a fantastic journey at Code Galaxy, and he will always be happy to help.


Featured Teacher
Isabela is Code Galaxy’s Junior Instructor and has completed three years of computer science schooling primarily focusing on Python. She has been teaching kids of all ages the fundamentals of coding ever since becoming an instructor with Code Galaxy back in our brick-and-mortar days.

Outside of the world of coding, Isabella is a dedicated volunteer who assists in multiple programs that focus on supporting kids who have volunteering goals over at GenerationSERVE.


Featured Teacher
Salma is a diligent Software Engineer experienced in developing desktop and web-based applications. She has a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, C++, and C# development environments. Salma began her software engineering career through an internship at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Salma applied her wide range of coding skills to receive multiple certifications from the Information Technology Institute. Since then she has grown into her role as a coding instructor, finding purpose in teaching programming and web development to kids and young adults.


Featured Teacher
Vishal is a heavily experienced tutor for kids from elementary school all the way to college students. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Computer Science degree.
Vishal is skilled in Python, C++, C, Java, and SQL programming languages, as well as data analysis and of course certifications in tutoring students.
In his free time, Vishal enjoys developing and playing video games. He is also a huge movie buff, and always has the scoop on what you should watch next!


Featured Teacher
Leilani is a STEAM educator with a background in music and the arts. She received a bachelor’s degree in music and French at Hollins University and an M.A. in musicology from the University of California Riverside.

Leilani’s passion for STEAM education was ignited while serving as a fellow for the UCR GLUCK Fellowship of the Arts for which she developed two artist-in-residency programs and an online music course featuring original animation and music games using block coding.

After graduating from UCR, Leilani began working for science museums and online coding platforms, gradually returning to the STEM subjects that she loved as a child. She now works as a certified music teacher and online code instructor.


Featured Teacher
Anthony has worked as an EdTech Specialist for over ten years. He has taught young learners about computing, ICT, and coding, both within the National British Curriculum and at Cambridge level.

He holds a Master's degree in computer science as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.During his time with Code Galaxy, he has helped nurture, teach, and promote coding from beginner to advanced levels using child-friendly applications like Scratch, Mine Craft, Roblox, and even IDE's to teach Web design and Python.

Anthony enjoys assisting youngsters in their development and is dedicated to providing them with an exceptional coding experience.

Julian Miguez

Featured Teacher
Julian Miguez is an accomplished STEM instructor with 5+ years of experience across diverse educational systems, namely hands-on robotics education using Lego Education Kits.

Julian also excels in teaching video game creation and design, along with programming in platforms such as Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, and Arcade Makecode. With a passion for fostering creativity and critical thinking, Julian is a big fan amongst his students for his dynamic teaching style.

His commitment to innovative learning methodologies and his ability to bridge theory with practical application have made him a respected educator in technology and STEM education.

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