This Is The Program We Wish We Had
As Kids

We Make Coding Fun For Kids Ages 7-18

Our students learn basic to advanced computer and programming skills, giving them 21st century tools for creative expression.

Our in-person instruction program provides a collaborative and inclusive environment to launch your child ahead with the skills and habits of mind needed in the age of technology.

We’re based in our hometown of Austin, TX. Through our hybrid learning model, we’re able to combine the best parts of online and in-person learning while avoiding the pitfalls of each. 

At Code Galaxy, students work at their own pace using a flipped learning model with one-on-one in person support and projects. 

Childhood should be a time of exploration and growth for students. Code Galaxy provides structure and guidance in a fun yet challenging collaborative environment.

Our teachers will make computer science engaging and accessible to students. The flipped learning model enables advanced students to learn as their own pace. They can complete the exercises and practices required to understand the concepts and skills quickly, and thrive using new knowledge and creativity in creating their own programs.

Currently there is a lack of quality technology and coding education in schools. As a result of there being few qualified teachers, what is currently being taught does not give students a thorough understanding of computer science and programming.

The Code Galaxy Philosophy


  • Curriculum is self-paced, fun, and engaging for students of all ages.
  • Parents can track students’ progress on skills, competencies, and coding projects.
  • Learn about programs and operating systems & file saving and hierarchy.
  • Kids create real programs that can be showcased to friends, family or in college applications.


  • We aim to teach an understanding of computing and network systems that students will need to be technologically literate, and the skills to program. We also make it FUN!
  • Younger student will learn about systems and object-oriented programming through video, interactive lessons, and boilerplate activities where students modify and discover features of a programming language.
  • Topics include variables, objects, data types, void and return methods, as well as the tools and practices software developers use to solve problems.

The Code Galaxy Founding Team Has a Proven Track Record With Significant Experience in Teaching Computer Science Curriculum to Both Adults and Children.

Vijay Kalvakuntlaspider crawl

Vijay Kalvakuntla

MBA Wharton School of Business, UPenn



Simmons Investment Banking
Stellus Capital

Mitchell Moraleslense

Mitchell Morales

Education, Energy & Entertainment experience



Director of Business Development E-learning 360
Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Euphoria Festival
Advisory Board, Everfest

Jobin Georgedrinks

Jobin George

Bachelor's degree Biological Sciences



Senior Healthcare Consultant,
The Advisory Board Company
Healthcare Consultant, Sunquest Information Systems

Lindsay walkertree

Lindsay Walker

MA Integrative STEM Education



Computer Science Teacher,
University of Texas Masters of Science
Integrative STEM Education

Ravi Parikhlamps

Ravi Parikh

BS Finance & Economics, University Of Texas



COO, MakerSquare (Adult Coding School)
CEO, RoverPass (Technology Company)

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