Code Galaxy Virtual Camps

Code Galaxy’s online coding classes are the best way for kids from elementary to high school to learn computer skills that will set them up for success for the rest of their lives.

But did you know that we also offer a variety of virtual camps throughout the year?

From Scratch + Minecraft to Python Programming and Web Development, our coding camps for kids are the perfect way to spend time off school.

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From Anywhere in the world!

All Code Galaxy Camps are 100% online and taught live by the same, experienced teachers who teach our world-class curriculum, so your students still get the same quality of instruction whether it’s school season or not.

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FREE Halloween Workshops

Halloween Workshops

October 20th & 27th at 6pm CT

Code Galaxy is hosting a stirring Halloween event on October 20th and 27th at 6pm CT. Kids can attend an extra-special class where they’ll build a surprise Halloween coding project from the ground up. To register, fill out the form below.
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2021 Indigenous Peoples' Day Camp Courses

Young Coders: Games & Animations with Scratch

Creating and Publishing Roblox Games


Python Coding

Full Camp Schedule

Join Us For A Special 2-Hour Session October 11th 2021

Monday, 11AM-1PM

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Code Galaxy Benefits

Code Galaxy offers live instruction where students can interact with and ask questions to their instructor — not just an A.I. with a set of instructions for them to follow.

weekly classes

Super Flexible

We have a variety of instructors and class times so that students can learn when it’s convenient for you and them.

weekly classes

Wide Age Range

Camps for students from ages 7 to 14.

weekly classes

Real Projects

Kids build real projects they can show off to you, their teachers, and their friends.

parents' night out

Parents’ Night Out

Drop off the kids for an evening of fun and educational challenges!

birthday parties

Birthday Parties

Make your next party out of this world at Code Galaxy!


4.9 out of 5


What happens if my child isn’t able to attend one of the classes? How can they make it up?

Can I get a refund if my kid can’t attend the Summer Camp?

What is required from my kid for class?

How do I know your camp offers the same quality education as your regularly scheduled classes?

As a parent, do I need to be present for the entire class?

Can I get a discount if I refer a friend?

Is there a discount if I enroll in more than one week-long camp?

Can I take more than just one week-long camp?

How long is each class?

How long are the breaks between camps?

Meet Some of Our Teachers

Geroge Chaaya

George is a computer & communication engineer and a computer scientist. He first learned to program 15 years ago, and a few years later, he started teaching it. George is currently a university instructor and has been teaching computer science courses - especially programming – for ten years now. George also teaches high school students and joined Code Galaxy because he is excited to teach young students how to code.

Besides teaching, George is a choir conductor, always making music and holding concerts with his 85-member choir. He is a writer, composer, singer, and once was an actor and TV presenter, but no more time for all that! Georges hopes that you have a fantastic journey at Code Galaxy, and he will always be ready to help.
Top Rated

Isabela Barton

Isabela, our Junior Instructor, has completed three years of computer science schooling, primarily focused on Python. She has experience teaching kids of all age levels the fundamentals of coding — since becoming an instructor with Code Galaxy since our brick-and-mortar days. Outside of the world of computer science, Isabella is a passionate volunteer, assisting in multiple programs at GenerationSERVE that focus on supporting kids with volunteering goals.
New Instructor!


Salma is a diligent Software Engineer experienced with developing and designing desktop & web-based applications. She has a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, C++, and C# development environments. Salma began her software engineering career through an internship at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Salma used her coding skills to receive multiple certifications from the Information Technology Institute in different majors. After that, she started working as a coding instructor, teaching programming and web development to kids & adults.
New Instructor!
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