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Joining Class

To join the session, students must log into the Code Galaxy “Mission Control” Platform ( If this is your first time logging in, please refer to the onboarding email sent by a Code Galaxy support representative. Your onboarding email will have your student username, password and further step by step instructions to prepare you for a successful first class.

Once logged in, there will be a green button on the top right corner  (please see attached image). that will direct you automatically to the virtual classroom. Please knock and one of our instructors will allow you in - if scheduled.

For further assistance or information, please contact us at

Customer Service

We are here to help! For any questions, comments or concerns, you may contact us at or call/text 512.337.6624

What devices are compatible with classes?

Students are required to use either a PC or laptop when completing our courses. By doing so, students are able to complete our curriculum without any issues. Headphones are encouraged for students to remain focused during their class, however not required.

Please note, ChromeBooks are not compatible with our Minecraft or Roblox courses. If you are interested in either course, you will need to do so on a compatible device.

iPads and phones are not compatible with our services. Code Galaxy is not responsible for any technical issues that are due to customers devices, wifi or computer settings.

 Cancellation Policy

Code Galaxy requires a 7 day notice for any subscription changes or cancelation prior to your following billing cycle. If you failed to request/provide a cancellation notice 7 days prior to your next billing date and were billed, you will not be eligible to receive a refund for the newly billed month.

Code Galaxy Badges

Our Code Galaxy Badge Program allows students to receive points every month they are with us and redeem them for prizes. As an appreciation token, we want to assure our students know we see their hard work and dedication and appreciate them! Every time you receive new points, an email will be sent with your badge sheet. Whenever you are ready to claim your badge prize, you may do so here!

Please note once a notice of cancelation has been submitted to Code Galaxy, students are not eligible to request nor redeem badge points/prizes.

Non-Scheduled / Missed Sessions

To assure the prevention of overflow in our sessions, only registered students for that class will be allowed in. If you are scheduled for a class and know you will be unable to attend, please reschedule for a later time in order for you to not lose that class. If you miss your class and fail to reschedule/cancel the session, you will not be eligible to make up the missed session. You may cancel/reschedule your session up to 1 hour before the start of class.

To schedule or modify any classes, please visit our scheduling page or you refer to the confirmation email from Acuity sent to the email address used upon registration.

Technological Issues

Code Galaxy students must work off of a PC or laptop in order to assure our courses load properly and students have a better learning experience. iPads and phones are not compatible with our services. Code Galaxy is not responsible for any technical issues that are due to customers devices, wifi or computer settings and therefore will not issue a refund or class credits that are due to issues not dependent on Code Galaxy. Please note Chromebooks are not compatible with our Minecraft or Roblox courses. If you are wanting to take those classes, please use a compatible device.

Class schedule

Our current fall schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: 3-8 pm cdt
  • Tuesdays: 4-7 cdt
  • Wednesdays: 3-8 cdt
  • Thursdays: 4-7 cdt
  • Saturdays: 10 am & 2 pm cdt

Each class is a live session, allowing students to receive live guidance from one of our coding instructors. Students, however, are allowed to work on their courses outside of class if they choose to do so and can ask any questions on their next scheduled class appointment.  Please note all students must be registered for that session in order to be allowed in.


A few of our services include:

  • Weekly Online Classes
  • Private Tutoring
  • Seasonal Camps
  • Code Galaxy Career Clubs
  • HighSchool BootCamps

Weekly Online Classes:

This service includes 24/7 platform access + curriculum

  • Standard ($189/mo); offering 1 session per week
  • Standard Plus ($239/mo); offering 2 sessions per week
  • Standard 3 Month Bundle ($507/3 months); this service includes 1 session per week for a total of $169 per month rather than $189. You may schedule 12 sessions upfront and are billed $507 every 3 months.
  • Standard Plus 3 Month Bundle ($657/3 months); this service includes 2 sessions per week for the total of $219 a month rather than $239. You may schedule 24 sessions up front and are billed $657 every 3 months.
  • 6 Month Standard Bundle ($954/6 months): this service allows you to schedule 1 session per week or 24 sessions in advance for a monthly charge of $159 a month rather than $189 and are billed every 6 months.
  • Annual Standard ($1,548): this service allows you to schedule 48 sessions in advance with a one time payment of $1,548 ($129/mo).

Private Tutoring

This service includes 24/7 platform access + curriculum 

For those wanting a more private and exclusive learning environment, Code Galaxy offers customized one-on-one tutoring to help your child achieve their highest potential from their weekly courses and gain a competitive edge for college and universities. Private tutoring includes custom and flexible scheduling as well! You let us know what time and day works best for you and we will accommodate. For students wanting to learn something other than what is offered on our platform, private tutoring is available for them to still learn what is of interest to them while receiving help from one of our instructors. 

Pricing Includes:

  • Standard ($280/mo); this service offers 1 custom private tutoring session per week
  • Private Tutoring Standard Plus ($480/mo); this service offers you 2 custom private tutoring sessions a week 
  • Private Tutoring 3 Month Bundle ($660/3 mo): this service allows you to schedule 12 sessions upfront and are billed $55/session rather than $80/session

AP Tutoring

This service includes 24/7 platform access + curriculum

Code Galaxy is now offering private one-on-one AP computer science tutoring led by expert instructors to provide your child with everything they need to achieve their full potential. Private tutoring includes custom and flexible scheduling as well! You let us know what time and day works best for you and we will accommodate. 

Pricing includes: 

  • Standard ($280/mo); this service offers 1 custom private tutoring session per week
  • Private Tutoring Standard Plus ($480/mo); this service offers you 2 custom private tutoring sessions a week 
  • Private Tutoring 3 Month Bundle ($660/3 mo): this service allows you to schedule 12 sessions upfront and are billed $55/session rather than $80/session

-Seasonal Camps Vary in Pricing & Scheduling. Please contact us at for further information. 

Code Galaxy Career Clubs

Code Galaxy Career Clubs has officially launched! For students 14+, our career clubs allow like minded teens to get together virtually once a week and explore career paths that begin at the intersection of their passions and industry demands.

Learning is done in an open, round table format. Students will have the opportunity to complete a series of challenges, share ideas and interact with industry experts to learn and understand more about the options related to their interests. Students will also take away a portfolio that they will be able to apply for future internships, jobs and universities! 

Pricing includes: 

-$269 per club

-2 Club Bundle ($508): Get your second club for $239 

Parent Account

Forgot when your next class is? No problem! Parents are able to create a parent account through Acuity in which one may log in and look at their scheduled courses, make any changes, etc.

To do so, you will be given the "Register for an Account" option in step 3 - Confirmation to register for your account. Please keep in mind, Code Galaxy is unable to access the information used to create the account, so please keep record of your email and password. Please refer to the image below. 


Code Galaxy offers a series of courses for students from all ages and experience levels. From elementary, middle to high school, there is something for everyone. You may browse our curriculum here. 

Please note, these are suggestions only and not limited to students based on their age. Any student is more than welcomed to try any course they would like, granted they are able to understand the material. If there is a course of interest that your child is wanting to do and is not recommended based on their age, we highly suggest scheduling a parent-teacher conference to further discuss any and all recommended courses for your child based upon progress in class. 

Fun Friday’s

Offered once a month, usually the last Friday of the month, students will have the opportunity to come together, make new friends, compete in games and bond with other Code Galaxy students. You will receive monthly invitations via email so be on the lookout!

Past theme examples include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Roblox competitions! Students are highly encouraged to participate in order to meet new friends and get to know us!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Offered anytime of the month, parents are highly encouraged to schedule a quick 15 minute conference call with their child's instructor in order to check-in on their child's progress, discuss any comments or concerns and simply be up to date. You may find the link to schedule your conference on your child's monthly progress report or email us at for further assistance.

Summer Camps

We are bringing summer camps back this year! With some of the best coding teachers on our team whose primary focus is to help prepare your child for future success, we guarantee an unforgettable experience. Our camps this year include

  • Young Coders: Games & Animations with Scratch
  • Creating and Publishing Roblox Games
  • Minecraft Game Development
  • Coding in Python
  • 3D design & modeling 

We offer a variety of options for those interested. Each camp week consists of a total of 5 days, 2 hours each day starting June 6th, 2022, With limited spots, be sure to secure yours today!

For more, visit our summer camps page. 

Pricing includes: 

  • $199 until April 30th
  • $229 until May 15th 
  • $249 after May 31st

Keep your child entertained all summer long with some fun & a challenge all at once. For further questions and or information, you may contact us at


Code Galaxy school partnerships are a great way for schools to offer and expand their enrichment programs! Code Galaxy provides your school with an experienced computer programming instructor, who’s passionate about helping to teach your students the vital STEM skills they need to thrive in the technology-first world. You can instruct Code Galaxy’s curriculum or can create their own that we can personally approve. 

For more information, you may visit our schools page.


Code Galaxy uses the WhereBy platform to host our virtual live lessons. In order to join the session, all students are required to log into the Code Galaxy Mission Control Platform and join through there.

If you find yourself not being able to hear/see the teacher or the screen is suddenly black, please log out and resign in.

Please assure you have a stable wifi, camera is on and your mic/audio are set to assure a successful class.

Scheduling Class Appointments 

Code Galaxy uses the scheduling platform Acuity. Parents have the ability to modify any previously scheduled sessions along with being able to reschedule or cancel a class.

To schedule a class, please visit the Acuity Scheduling page.

Step 1: Available Packages

  • Select the class type you are wanting.
  • Our specialty courses allow families to schedule a more course focused session. (ie If you want a Python only session, you may schedule under our “Python” sessions). For regular sessions, you may schedule under the “Open Weekly Classes” where any student can join.
  • Our master calendar will dropdown. Please remember, once the class has reached full capacity, the class will close.
  • Select the time and day you are wanting your session
  • For recurring appointments, please select the “recurring” tab and select how many sessions you are wanting to schedule at once. You may not exceed the amount of credits given on your subscription. If you choose to not schedule recurring appointments, you are required to schedule by the week. As a reminder, if your child is not scheduled for a class, they will not be allowed in.
  • Select “Continue”


Step 2: Information

  • Fill in the required information. This information is the information used upon registration (Parent)

  • Below, you will find our Cancelation Policy along with Terms & Conditions. Make sure you carefully read before agreeing.
  • If not already filled out, please select the Redeem Coupon or Package. Please enter your package code (emailed to you after registration) or add in the email address used upon registration. Both your code and email serve as your “ID” to assure all your classes/credits are linked to your account.


  • Once filled in, select apply.

Step 3: Confirmation

  • Double check to assure the selected dates and time(s) for the class you selected are correct. Select confirm.
  • Acuity will send you a confirmation email. You may add the time(s)/date(s) to your calendar for future reference.
  • You will receive an SMS reminder 3 hours prior to the start of class, giving you plenty of time to reschedule if needed. 


The amount of sessions you may schedule at a time varies upon your subscription. For example, if you are on a Standard Monthly Subscription, you are given 4 hours worth of  credits total. You may schedule no more than 4 sessions between your billing cycles. For further information or assistance, you may contact us at


Not sure if you want to commit just yet? No worries. You may register for a demo!

Our 30 minute session together will be geared towards learning about the different services Code Galaxy offers such as weekly online classes, private tutoring, camps and more! Browse the journey your child will take throughout their coding career here at Code Galaxy and be part of all the perks + more we offer to our families!


Please note parents are required to attend, however students are more than welcomed to join, although not necessary.



Certificates of Completion

Code Galaxy’s platform is built around a self learning and paced structure. Our live sessions host live instructors who are there to further assist your child with any troubleshooting along with giving students the opportunity to interact with other classmates. Our current curriculum accommodates different levels of coding experience, bringing fun and challenge all at once!

Before moving forward to the following course, students are required to complete a set of modules along with scoring above 80% on all assessments. This is set to assure your child is fully comprehending key concepts.

For example, for students starting with Python I, it is necessary to complete the entire curriculum before moving forward to Python II. However, if a student is not enjoying the course, we allow them to select a different course that fits both their interest and level.

Once a student has completed their course, we will have a check-in to assure students have a full comprehension of the completed material. Parents may request a certificate of completion, which may then be applied outside of Code Galaxy to show off your child's hard work, use for future internships and job/university applications!

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