Frequently Asked Questions

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Joining Class

To join the class, each student needs to log into The Code Galaxy “Mission Control” Platform ( If this is your first time logging in, please lookout for an email from a Code Galaxy customer service representative with your assigned parent and student login information.

Once logged in, there will be a green button on the top right corner to join the class, where one of our coding instructors will then allow you in (please see attached image). If you are still having trouble logging in, please email customer support at  

Customer Service

If you need to reach customer service, please call or text 512.337.6624 or email

Can I take classes from an iPad or do I need a laptop and headphones?

Students are encouraged to use a desktop/laptop when completing our courses. By doing so, students can complete the modules without any issues. Headphones are encouraged for students to remain focused during their session, however not required. 


A few of our services include:

  • Standard ($149/month), offering 1 session per week

  • Standard Plus ($199/month), offering 2 sessions per week


  • 3 Month Standard Bundle ($417/3months): This service includes one class a week for a total of $139 a month rather than $149. You may schedule 12 classes in advance and are billed $417 every 3 months.

  • 3 Month Standard Plus Bundle ($567/3months): This service includes two classes per week for a total of $189 a month rather than $199. You may schedule out 24 classes in advance and are billed $567 every 3 months.

  • Annual Standard (one time payment of $1548): This service allows you to schedule 48 classes in advance with a one time payment of $1548, with every month being $129 rather than $149.

  • Annual Standard Plus (one time payment of $2,148): This service allows you to schedule 96 classes in advance with a one time payment of $2,148, with every month being $179 rather than $199.

Please contact customer service for further information.


At Code Galaxy, we use the video platform WhereBy. In order to join the course, all students are required to log into the Code Galaxy Mission Control Platform. 

If you find yourself not being able to hear/see the teacher or the screen is suddenly black, please log out and resign in.

Summer Camps

We are bringing summer camps back this year! With some of the best coding teachers on our team whose primary focus is adequate guidance and attention, we guarantee an unforgettable experience. Our camps this year include

  • Young Coders: Games & Animations with Scratch
  • Creating and Publishing Roblox
  • Minecraft
  • Python Coding

We offer a variety of options for those interested. Each camp week consists of a total of 5 days, 2 hours each day starting June 7th, 2021, until August 2nd, 2021. With limited spots, be sure to take advantage of our early bird pricing of $179. Use promo code EARLYBIRD at checkout! Please note prices after: 

  • $199 after April 30th
  • $225 after May 15th
  • $249 after May 31st

Keep your child entertained all summer long with some fun & a challenge all at once. Please contact customer service for further information.

Live or recorded classes

Our current schedule offers classes for enrolled students Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4-7 pm CDT, Wednesdays at 5 pm CDT and Saturdays at 2 pm CDT. For those interested in a free trial class, we offer free trials Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3-4 pm CDT and Wednesday's from 4-6 pm CDT. 

Each class is a live session, allowing students to receive live guidance from one of our coding teachers. Students, however, are allowed to work on their courses outside of class if they choose to do so and can ask any questions on their next scheduled class appointment.

Certificates of Completion

Our courses are self-paced and guided with the presence and assistance of one of our teachers. Our current curriculum accommodates different levels of coding experience, bringing fun and challenge all at once.

Before moving forward to the next course, students must complete the set modules within the course they began. For example, for students starting with Python I, it is necessary to complete the entire curriculum before moving forward to Python II. However, if a student is not enjoying the course, we allow them to select a different one, though not encouraged. 

Once a student has completed their course, parents may request a certificate of completion, which can then be applied outside of Code Galaxy. 

Scheduling Class Appointments 

Code Galaxy uses the scheduling platform Acuity, where one can modify class times and days, make up a class, and much more. If you are an enrolled customer, you should have received a link to your custom package with Code Galaxy.

Once you have implemented the information required, you will then be granted access to the master calendar where you will be able to schedule your appointments. 

The number of appointments available per month varies depending on your custom package. If you are interested in scheduling your classes for the same time and day, you can do so by selecting the recurring option when scheduling your appointment (please see the attached image), which will schedule the remainder of your appointments for the month automatically.

If you choose not to do so, however, you will be required to manually schedule your appointments weekly. 


It is important to note that whenever you are making any modifications to your appointments, you choose the “redeem package” option (please see the attached image) and implement your email so that you’re not double charged. 


Missed Appointments

We understand life happens, and there are times when you simply are unable to attend class that day/week. 

Parents have the free will to use their appointments however they wish. Depending on your package, your total amount of appointments can be scheduled in your free will. However, please keep in mind once you use all of your appointments, you are unable to book any further classes until your billing date, which is when your subscription renews.

For example, if you have the Standard subscription with your billing date as the 17th of each month, you are given a total of 4 appointments (one per week). If for some reason you wish to use your 4 appointments within two weeks (2 classes per week), you may do so, but will be unable to schedule any more appointments until the 17th. 

If you miss an appointment or need to cancel, please reschedule your appointment on Acuity. By doing so, you are able to give your time slot to another student who may attend class at that time and day. 

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please contact customer service at

Parent Account

Forgot when your next class is? No problem! Parents are able to create a parent account through Acuity in which one may log in and look at their scheduled courses, make any changes, etc.

To do so, you will be given the "Register for an Account" option in step 3 - Confirmation to register for your account. Please keep in mind, Code Galaxy is unable to access the information used to create the account, so please keep record of your email and password. Please refer to the image below. 

Private Tutoring

For those seeking some extra guidance or simply wanting a 1 on 1 with one of our coding tutors, private tutoring is always an option. Code Galaxy offers tutoring packages as bundles. Once a bundle is purchased, the sessions can be used as needed per tutor availability. Please note bundles expire after 1 year.  

Bundles offered:

• 1-Session - $55

• 4-Sessions Package - $198 ($49.50 per session)

• 16-Sessions Package - $704 ($44 per session)

• 32-Session Package - $1232 ($38.50 per session)

Our priority is to assure all students succeed in our coding courses. Sometimes it is one private tutoring session, or two, that may make all the difference.

Duration of Courses

At Code Galaxy, students have access to one of our top coding instructors either once or twice a week, depending on the purchased package. However, students have access onto our platform 24/7, meaning they are able to work on their course(s) outside of class.

Due to that, the duration to complete our courses vary depending on the pace and work completed outside of class times. If seeking an approximation, it may take anywhere from 8-14 weeks to complete a course.

Free Trials

We all know committing to something is often worth thinking about. At Code Galaxy we understand the importance of your child's education as it is the primary building stone to success. With university professors on our team along with advanced coding experts, we have developed coding courses articulated to accommodate different levels of coding experience. Our courses are built to progressively challenge students throughout different modules. Once completed with their course, students receive a certificate of completion which may later be used for high school, job and college resumes. 

Investing in your child's education is not just a temporary investment but rather a long term investment that no amount of money can buy and we stand by that. It is our mission to provide all of our students, who we consider our family, the best resources and tools to further develop their coding experience. Family takes care of family and we consider you part of ours. 

We never ask someone to commit to something without seeing what we have to offer first which is why we offer a one hour free trial to all! During this free trial, you and your child get to meet one on one with one of our coding teachers who will help navigate you through our platform. Whether your child is new to coding or not, our teachers will walk your child through their first class. We encourage parents and students to ask as many questions that come to mind. This is your private time with us. Get comfortable and get to know us! 

Ready to get to know us and join our family? Sign up for a free trial today! Please refer to the screenshot below to see where to go to schedule a trial. Once signed up, please expect an email with your custom usernames and passwords 24 hours prior to your scheduled demo. For any cancellations, please cancel within 24 hours in order to allow other students to schedule demos as we are limited on spots. See you at the demo!

 Cancellation Policy

We understand situations may arise, and there is a need for cancellation. If you need to cancel your subscription for weekly online classes, please notify us 30 days before your next billing date.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pause any subscriptions. When you cancel your subscription, any credits linked to your account will be terminated. In regards to any work completed, all work is saved in case of a future return. However, all login credentials will be archived, therefore losing access to our platform and curriculum.

In regards to summer camps, we require a 14-day notice prior to the first day of camp. Our priority is to assure all of our Code Galaxy family and friends get to experience all we have to offer, therefore will try our best to transfer you to another camp if availability is open.

For further questions, comments or concerns, please contact customer support at

Subscription Policy

Code Galaxy is now offering both annual and 3 month bundle subscriptions to new and current clients. 

Our annual subscription includes Annual Standard (1x/week) and Annual Standard Plus (2x/week). Both subscriptions include a one time payment of either $1548 or $2148, reducing your monthly cost in both! Clients have access to our platform 24/7 along with either one or two live sessions with one of our elite coding instructors. 

Our newest addition, 3 month bundle, include a payment of either $417 or $567, every 3 months instead of monthly. This bundle reduces your monthly payment in comparison to our regular monthly standard subscriptions. All clients have access to our platform 24/7 along with either one or two live sessions with one of our elite instructors. 

For our annual members, all members have 2 months to use any credits on their account. 

Comments, questions or concerns? Feel free to reach us at

*If wanting to terminate either subscriptions, please notify Code Galaxy Support BEFORE. This will allow us to discuss with you any transfer of credits, subscriptions and more. *

Attending class without being scheduled

Code Galaxy values and prioritizes the learning environment of our students which is why we host no more than 4 students per session. With a reduced capacity, we assure our students receive an adequate amount of guidance as needed. 

We kindly ask parents to schedule their child to attend class before joining class. By doing so, we can assure we maintain our capacity per session. For all parents who attend class without being scheduled to do so, please be aware Code Galaxy will be scheduling the appointment for you, using up one of your credits by using your custom subscription code. 

We highly encourage parents to book out their appointments by the month rather than by week in order to guarantee their preferred time and day. 

For any questions, comments or concerns, please reach us at