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Benefits for Schools

Work with us regardless of your resources, location, size, or current academic standing


Achieve recognition in your city or district for bringing advanced STEM education to your school


We have options to get involved in training and curriculum —
talk to us!


Discounts on schools that have their own equipment — i.e. robotics, computers, etc.

Best of all, partner schools don’t need to do anything. We take care of the curriculum, teaching, technology, and everything else. Code Galaxy is flexible with the dates & times, and we use your school’s preferred method of grading systems.

Benefits for Students

Live Instructors

Code Galaxy offers live instruction where students can interact with and ask questions to their instructor — not just an A.I. with a set of instructions for them to follow.

Compounding Knowledge

Code Galaxy offers linear classes for students from elementary school to graduation — What students learn compounds from previous work.

Flexible Pace

Code Galaxy classes are super flexible — we have a variety of instructors and class times so that students can learn when it’s convenient for you and them. Classes are easy to reschedule.

Real Projects

Kids build real projects they can show off to you, their teachers, and their friends.

How It Works

The Selection Process (after application is submitted)
If your school is selected, sit back and relax, we do all the heavy lifting. Code Galaxy provides your school with an experienced computer programming instructor, who’s passionate about helping to teach your students the vital STEM skills they need to thrive in the technology-first world. You can instruct Code Galaxy’s curriculum or can create their own that we can personally approve.
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Options For Your School

Work with Code Galaxy as an additional Elective or an After-School program.


  • Hybrid —  Code Galaxy Instructor teaches at your school virtually. Included a Demo Day for students to show off their new skills.


  • Hybrid — Code Galaxy Instructor teaches after school virtually.

  • Fully Remote — Code Galaxy Instructors teach students virtually from the comfort of their own home via our platform.

You Have Great Reasons to Partner with Code Galaxy

67% of new STEM jobs are in computing
Fewer than 0.05% of K12 teachers have Computer Science backgrounds
STEM jobs are expected to grow by 10.8%
90% of parents report wanting their children to study Computer Science

Learn More About Code Galaxy’s Curriculum

Intro to Scratch
Middle School
Intro to Graphic Design
Intro to Python
Python II
High School
Intro to Web Development
Web Development III

See a Course That’s Perfect For Your School?

Download a course outline below to see exactly how our curriculum is layed out.
Sample Outline: Creating & Publishing Games in Roblox Download
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Meet Some of Our Teachers

Brian is a software engineer who has a bachelor's degree in computer science. He has worked as a software engineer at Apple as well as in the electric industry and cyber security industry. He has used C++, Java, Python, JavaScript as well as other languages in his professional career and is certified in AWS Cloud Development.

He first started learning computer programming over 20 years ago and first started tutoring students in middle school and elementary school around 20 years ago as well. Prior to working with Code Galaxy he worked on a research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, focused on developing curriculum for elementary school computer science students. He has an enthusiasm and love for teaching others how to write computer code and is excited to see so many students interested in computer science!"
Featured Teacher
Matthew is a Computer Science major with a passion for programming that started as a sophomore in high school by making simple games in C++ and OpenGL. From there, Matthew expanded his knowledge by studying topics like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, 3D Printing, and Arduino hardware. Matthew's wide set of STEM skills and experience as an online computer science instructor makes him a perfect tutor to help your kids discover that there is no topic, even computer science, beyond their understanding.

When not teaching code or keeping himself up-to-date with coding best practices, Matthew is a music lover who plays the saxophone, piano, and flute.
New Instructor!
George Chaaya
George is a computer & communication engineer and a computer scientist. He first learned to program 15 years ago, and a few years later, he started teaching it. George is currently a university instructor and has been teaching computer science courses - especially programming – for ten years now. George also teaches high school students and joined Code Galaxy because he is excited to teach young students how to code.

Besides teaching, George is a choir conductor, always making music and holding concerts with his 85-member choir. He is a writer, composer, singer, and once was an actor and TV presenter, but no more time for all that! Georges hopes that you have a fantastic journey at Code Galaxy, and he will always be ready to help.
Top Rated
Isabela Barton
Isabela, our Junior Instructor, has completed three years of computer science schooling, primarily focused on Python. She has experience teaching kids of all age levels the fundamentals of coding — since becoming an instructor with Code Galaxy since our brick-and-mortar days. Outside of the world of computer science, Isabella is a passionate volunteer, assisting in multiple programs at GenerationSERVE that focus on supporting kids with volunteering goals.
New Instructor!
Salma is a diligent Software Engineer experienced with developing and designing desktop & web-based applications. She has a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, C++, and C# development environments. Salma began her software engineering career through an internship at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Salma used her coding skills to receive multiple certifications from the Information Technology Institute in different majors. After that, she started working as a coding instructor, teaching programming and web development to kids & adults.
New Instructor!


Leave a Review
Jason Rawlins
So far we've enjoyed exploring CG on our own. Our instructor recently presented us with a challenge that we're working through together and that collaboration has been fun and interesting.
Ajay Shah
My experience with Code Galaxy has been really good. I have been a student for over a year, and I am really liking what I am learning and how I am learning it. This program has given me a "boost" in my Web Design class at school.
Madeline Ezrailson
In Code Galaxy I learned a lot of different things, like python and scratch. It is very fun and I always look forward to the next session. My teacher is very helpful and nice.
It’s been fun and the platforms are great. But whereby is not the best video chatting software I recommend zoom.
Rajeev Kanuru
I have enjoyed learning python. I would like it better if it was in person but online is more convenient and safer.
David Revay
Code Galaxy is awesome! I started with their summer camp and then transitioned to the weekly classes. The teachers are very helpful and friendly, and I'm thankful to have them. I recommend Code Galaxy to anyone interested in coding!
Leo Cuevas
It's been good for the past 2 years i've been here. but its definitely gotten more hard and challenging since I hit javascript.
Zach Hittner
It has been a very helpful class that has taught me lots about coding. It's helped me perform better in computer classes in school, and allows me more options at school.
Twinkle Barua
I think Code Galaxy is worth your time and money. You can learn new things quickly and well. Their courses are really nice and intuitive, and I have enjoyed all of them so far! Their staff are also really nice, kind and patient.
Akshay Shah
I have been coding with Code Galaxy for about 16 months and I love it! Before Code Galaxy I was only familiar with Scratch, but now I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Turtle, and Scratch! I think that Code Galaxy is awesome because it taught me so many different coding languages and I have learned so much!
Aiden Conrad
I like doing groups. It is fun and sometimes I learn things from other students. Another thing that I like about code galaxy is that they spread out the work into different lessons.

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