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coding classes

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Coding for all age groups

From 5 to 14+ years

Students work through STEM topics at their own pace in units that culminate in capstone programming projects. Learn foundational concepts and then choose the programming language that interests you to practice your skills.


5-9 years

Fun coding curriculum to introduce students to technology and practice with drag and drop creation.


~9-11 years

Build real apps and games to take home to your friends and family.


11-14+ years

Advanced preparation for engineering careers. Build a portfolio for college and beyond.


Computers, Technology, and Code

5-8 years

Coding with Bots

5-8 years

Advanced Junior Coding

5-8 years

Junior Coding

Working in a small group setting, a Code Galaxy teacher will guide students through interactive activities that build students’ familiarity and expertise with foundational concepts like commands, patterns, loops, and more. They are introduced to computing devices such as Ozobots, Sphero, and Scratch JR alongside experience with the way code is connected to computing technologies, and how the languages are organized and structured. Students will also gain technological mastery by exploring the operating system and software on a tablet and build fundamental technology know-how. This course helps students develop an awareness and understanding of the tools of the trade, and technological literacy in a fun and interactive environment that will set the stage for the rest of their lives.

Internet of Things
& Robotics Pathway

Students will learn about how computers, humans, and robots communicate and interact, exploring the topics of computer networks, sensors, inputs, and outputs, building the foundational knowledge needed for robotics and engineering. Students will start out by exploring block programming and logic with our Sphero bot and continue their journey with microcontrollers creating projects with Makey Makey and Scratch. They will build their engineering skills through fun projects such as their own programmable drum kit, then take it to the next level with Arduinos that can take readings such as light and temperatures.

Basic Robotic Programming with Sphero and Makey Makey

8-10 years

Engineering & Robotics with Micro:bit and Sphero

9-11 years

Internet Of Things with Arduino

10-14 years

Game Design
Principles with Scratch

8-10 years

Minecraft Game Design
with Lua

9-11 years

Unity Game Design with C#

10-14 years

Game Design Pathway

Students will learn about game design concepts as well as commonly used video game programming languages like LUA and C# in this family of courses. They will learn how to build the different elements in videogames and automate the world of Minecraft writing real code in the LUA programming language.  Advanced learners will learn to use the Unity Game engine, taking the first steps towards 3-D Design and VR programming.

Full-Stack Web Design Pathway

In this course, students will learn the skills to develop and deploy their own web application. Starting with HTML and CSS, students will learn to design a website and then explore the programming language JavaScript to add functionality. Next, they will learn to use libraries to add features to their web app and start learning about how databases are used to power a full stack web application.

Web Design & Graphics

8-10 years

Web Programming with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

9-11 years

Advanced Web Programming with JavaScript & Databases

10-14 years

Beginning Python Coding

8-10 years

Intro to AI with Python

9-11 years

Advanced Python AI and Data Analysis

10-14 years

Coding With Python

Because of the rapidly growing applications and popularity of this
language, this pathway will explore the many ways you can use
and create with Python.

App Development Pathway

In this family of courses, students will learn about the magic of the internet and data. The internet is a complex structure of client and server machines. Students will learn how databases make mobile apps possible, and explore UX design to create apps that are meaningful to them.

Principles of Computers,
Apps and the Internet

8-10 years

App Design with MIT
App Inventor

9-11 years

App Design with
Android Studio

10-14 years


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West Lake Hills - Davenport Village

3801 North Capital of Texas Highway Bldg D Ste #130, Austin TX 78746

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Downtown - Headwaters School

807 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78701

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Opening Soon: Cedar Park Area

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Zilker Elementary

1900 Bluebonnet Ln, Austin, TX 78704

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