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Our Learning Philosophy

At Code Galaxy, our courses are tailored to the pace and learning styles of each individual student. Students work through the topics at their own pace that culminates in capstone programming projects. Students learn foundational concepts and can choose a language that interests them to practice and apply these skills.

What We Believe

As the world changes and adapts to modern technology, so should education. Coding has become an essential skill that will continue to grow in importance.

Whether your student participates in a summer course, or continues on and learns to develop a full stack web application, Code Galaxy teaches your child the skills and habits of mind that will give them a boost for the world of tomorrow.

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

Stephen Hawking

The  Curriculum Pathways

Internet of Things & Robotics

Students will start out by exploring block programming and logic with our Sphero bot. Using the Scratch Edu app, students will write code to control the robot’s movement, lights, and even create animations, learning programming basics and moving towards using advanced programming structures.



Learn about how computers, humans, and robots communicate and interact.


Explore the topics of computer networks, sensors, inputs, and outputs, building the fundamental knowledge needed for robotics and engineering.

Begin a journey with microcontrollers creating projects with Makey Makey and Scratch.

Build engineering skills through fun projects such as a programmable drum kit.

take reading such

Take it to the next level with Arduino projects that can take readings such as light and temperatures, showing information on LCD displays and web tools.

Game Design Pathway

Students will learn about game design concepts as well as commonly used video game programming languages like LUA and C# in this family of courses.


Learn how to build the different elements in video games and automate the world of Minecraft.

LUA programming language

Write real code in the LUA programming language.

unity game

Advanced learners will learn to use the Unity Game engine interface with C# scripting.

Using Unity and C#, add custom classes and scripts, and take the first steps towards 3-D Design and VR programming.

Web Programming Pathway

In this course, students will learn the skills to develop and deploy their own web application. Starting with HTML and CSS, students will learn to design a website.Students will learn to create a professional looking website.


Start with HTML and CSS Basics to hard-code your own website.

html and css
java script

Begin exploring the programming language JavaScript to add website functionality with programming logic.

Use Bootstrap and advanced CSS to create a professional looking web application.

Learn about how databases are used to power a full stack web application.

App Development Pathway

In this family of courses, students will learn about the magic of the internet and data using a variety of tools to learn how to design and deploy an Arduino-friendly mobile app.


The internet is a complex structure of client and server machines. Data and data analysis are the topics that students will understand and explore.


Students will learn how databases make mobile apps possible, and how to configure and use databases for their app.

Explore wireframing, user flow, and UX design to create apps that are meaningful to them and have an impact on the world.

Students will explore their role as digital citizens and learn about internet security.


Because of the rapidly growing application and popularity of this language, this pathway will explore the many ways you can use and create with Python. Students will learn the fundamentals of the language to build games and quizzes in the console. They will also get a sneak peek into AI and automation, using python to program the Mico:bit microcontroller and the AutoAuto robotic car.
Students will be introduced to the Python programming language.


Get familiar and comfortable with the language conventions and syntax.

conditional statements

Unlock the power of loops, conditional statements, and native concepts.

Write code in Python to create fun and challenging puzzles.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Explore image recognition and detection programming, along with data science topics

Watch Your Kids Piece It All Together as Full-Stack Developers!

Code Galaxy boosts student’s learning beyond coding; your child will gain a new way of thinking and interacting with the world, expanding their creative outlook and potential.

Code Galaxy students are introduced to computer science concepts, algorithms, puzzles, and games at the crucial age when young minds are most impressionable and flexible.

Coding challenges and projects broaden their world and lead them down a path towards early mastery of these highly sought-after skills.


After students finish learning front-end frameworks and programming languages, they will be introduced to database structure and design, and learn:

  • File transfer protocols and HTTP requests/responses.
  • Parents can track students’ progress on skills, competencies, and coding projects.
  • How to launch and host a website.
  • How to use SQL to retrieve and save data from a relational database.


One-day events and workshops with industry engineers and software developers to come. Code Galaxy will be hosting full land half-day workshops with special themes, aligned with school district holidays. Programs include:

  • Intro to App Development - Learn to create you own app using MIT app inventor that you can publish to Google Play Store!
  • Arduino Hack-a-thon: Create IOT and automated systems with Arduino
  • SpherOlympics: Using Sensors and Data to Test the Limits of Sphero.
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