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Students will learn Javascript codes to create their web-based good looking and interactive games. By the end of the class, students will have a strong understanding of the most popular web development language, Javascript.


10 weeks



Introduction to Javascript

Lesson 1: Intro to JS

Concept: HTML javascript scripts

Lesson 2: Events Handling

Concept: Detecting and reacting to mouse clicks

Lesson 3: Web Forms

Concept: Creating and receiving web forms with JS

Lesson 4: Data Validation

Concept: Validating form inputs

Lesson 5: Project

Concept: Practice JS project


Javascript Language

Lesson 1: Variables and Conditionals in JS

Concept: Variables and IF Statements

Lesson 2: Functions in JS

Concept: Adding text to a PyGame screen

Lesson 3: Loops in JS

Concept: Using loops in javascript

Lesson 4: Arrays in JS

Concept: Intro to arrays concept

Lesson 5: Capstone Project

Concept: JS capstone project

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