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Code Galaxy offers one-on-one tutoring from vetted engineering experts with years of experience. We’ll assess your current preparation and develop a custom plan to work with you to achieve your educational goals. Our tutors are local and flexible. Meet in person at a Code Galaxy location, or chat online through video conference for whatever is the most convenient for you.

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We know students and parents have crazy schedules. Code Galaxy offers several flexible options for tutoring. We make it easy for parents to schedule directly with our tutors. You can schedule your first session here. You will first need to purchase a tutoring package before scheduling a session which you can do here.

Session Bundles Pricing

Code Galaxy offers tutoring packages as bundles. Once a bundle is purchased, the sessions can be used as needed per tutor availability and scheduled directly with our Mission Control scheduling module.

Packages expire after 1 year.

• 1-Session - $95
• 4-Sessions - $342 ($88.50 per session)
• 16-Sessions - $1216 ($76 per session)
• 32-Session - $2128 ($66.50 per session)

Computer science is a competitive field and top universities look for high AP scores. Get a head start by making the most of your AP class with private tutoring, and set yourself up for a high-earning career in a booming industry.

Other Convenient Products

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Meet with an expert Code Galaxy tutor from the convenience of your laptop. Our online tutoring platform makes it easy to run a tutoring session remotely and make the most of your available study time. 

Weekly Sessions

Weekly Sessions

Meet with your tutor for an hour each week to review and solidify your understanding. Our tutors are CS experts with years of experience, and are flexible to meet on your schedule. Use these sessions to supplement your class time.

Online Tutoring

Group Online Classes

You can also sign up for our weekly group classes. Classes run from 3-7pm M-F and 10-3pm Saturdays.

Connect with Our Tutors

Connect with Our Tutors