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Grades 3-12. Live Teacher. Small Groups. Drop In Anytime.
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Code Galaxy Online Classes

Want to teach your kids to code from the comfort of your home? Code Galaxy is proud to offer high quality coding classes online. Sign your child up for a convenient time and skill level.

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• Classes are offered from Monday-Saturday at a convenient time for you
• Drop in any hour that works for you during our operating hours. (M-Th) 12-7:30pm CST, Sat - 10-3pm.
• Extremely flexible scheduling to accommodate a busy child and parent schedule
• Live teacher, small groups of 10 students or less
• Add an hour of curriculum into your child's weekly schedule
• Multiple times per day that your child can attend including evenings and weekends

We perfected our courses in our centers first with hundreds of students. Now we have taken that curriculum and learning philosophies and created online courses for our students.

Our students have learned how to make apps, games, websites, autonomous vehicle programs, and so much more. Now your child can learn from the comfort of their own home.

Limited Time Offer

1x/ week - $99/mo
2x/week - $149/mo

• Classes run Monday - Saturday
• Cancel anytime with no penalty

Great For All Age Groups


Elementary School

3-5th Grade

Fun coding curriculum to introduce students to technology and practice with drag and drop creation.


Middle School

6-8th Grade

Build real apps and games to take home to your friends and family.


High School

9-12th Grade

Advanced preparation for engineering careers. Build a portfolio for college and beyond.


Try 1x1 Online Tutoring As Well

weekly classes

1x1 Tutoring

Studnets use Zoom to do 1x1 tutoring with one of our expert teachers

Courses Offered

junior coding
computers, technology and code

Creating game sprites and backgrounds

coding with bots

Code sequence and variables

advanced junior coding

Creating animations and broadcast

advanced junior coding

Coding events and coordinate system

advanced junior coding

Loops and if statements

advanced junior coding

Game Design Concepts: levels, home screen, game-over screen.

Elementary School - Grades 3-5

Level I - Introduction to Game Design & Scratch Coding

In this class, students will learn how to use Scratch to code their own games and animations. Scratch is a powerful drag-and-drop programming platform for young students. Students will learn storytelling through game creation. They will also learn coding and math concepts, such as events, loops, variables, and the coordinate system. No prior coding experience needed.

Level II - Advanced Game Design & Scratch Coding

Coming Soon...

Middle School - Grades 6-8

Level I - Introduction to Python Coding

In this class, students will learn how to use a text-based programming language, Python. Students will learn concepts and terminology that are common in Computer Science. They will create fun games and simple programs to solve problems. This class teaches critical, foundational programming in Python including functions, variables, data types, arrays, loops, and operators. These skills easily transfer to other programming languages. No prior coding experience needed.

Level II - Advanced Python Coding

Coming Soon...

internet of thing & robotics pathway
Basic Robotic Programming with Sphero and Makey Makey

Introduction to programming language and python.

Engineering & Robotics with Micro:bit and Sphero

Knowing how to use repl.it online code editor

Internet Of Things with Arduino

Understanding basic Python language syntax

Internet Of Things with Arduino

Variables and data types in Computer Science

Internet Of Things with Arduino

Creating and using functions in programming

game design pathway
Game DesignPrinciples with Scratch

Creating a website from scratch

Minecraft Game Designwith Lua

Organizing information with a navigation bar

Minecraft Game Designwith Lua

Formatting web content with HTML tags

Unity Game Design with C#

Making websites interactive with Javascript

Game DesignPrinciples with Scratch

Adding graphics, audio, and videos to a website

Game DesignPrinciples with Scratch

Styling web pages with CSS

High School - Grades 9-12

Level I - Introduction to Web Development

In this class, students will learn how to code websites. They will learn how to use HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript codes to create their own websites. They will learn how to create web-based good looking and interactive games. They will learn different techniques intended to help them customize, organize, and style their web pages. By the end of the class, students will have a strong understanding and foundation for web development. No prior coding experience needed.

Level II - Advanced Web Development

Coming Soon...



How many hours per week should a child dedicate to this?

Classes are for 1 hour a day. Depending your pricing plan, you will come 1x or 2x per week. We are open Monday-Saturday. Classes are done using Zoom online conferencing. Classes are very similar to the format we use in our classrooms and will feel very much the same as our in person classes.

Does my child need to know any coding or programming already?

Not at all! At Code Galaxy we specialize in developing your child’s programming knowledge from the ground up. We have courses that provide information on basic computer literacy and then incrementally build up to more advanced concepts such as writing code in industry prevalent programming languages.

How do your classes work?

Our classes are designed to be taught online in small groups of 10 or less. Students will join the open zoom classroom at the time they have have chosen. Once in the room, the teacher will help them get set up for the day and send them out into a breakout room where they will work through tutorial exercises. These exercises are similar to what they would do in person, reformatted for online classes. Our online classes provide the exact same level of quality and have been designed to mimic our in person learning format.

Who teaches the classes?

We look for educators who have experience working with children, a love for enriching young minds, as well as those who have knowledge and experience in the domain of software development and computer science. Some of our instructors are former teachers who have attended a coding bootcamp, and others are CS majors who have worked at camps and as tutors and are excited and ready. All candidates are background checked and trained in working with children by Code Galaxy.

What’s the cost?

Our regular pricing is $149/mo for 1x per week week and 199/mo for 2x per week. For a limited time we will discount both of our plans by $49 dollars to $99/mo for 1x/week and $149/mo for 2x/week.

How do I learn more?

You can email us at support@thecodegalaxy.com or call 512-337-6624.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are confident your child will enjoy our courses. If any any time you decide this is not for you, you may cancel at any time.

I already go to classes at a Code Galaxy retail location. Is this included in my subscription?

Yes, of course. We will reduce your current pricing tier to the online plan while our centers are closed due to COVID-19

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Programs We Offer

The Code Galaxy program is designed to take a child through computer science from ages 6-14. Our after school programs meet up to 1x or 2x a week for 1 hour. Our camps are an accelerated version of our weekly classes.

Featured Camps

spring camps

Spring Break Camps

Code Galaxy's classes are collaborative and creative. Our project-based curriculum allows students to take ownership of their learning as they experiment with game development, drones, design and more.

weekly classes

Weekly Classes

Classes up to 2X a week for 1 hour
Learn at your own pace
School Year Hours - Begins August 13th
Monday - Friday: 3:30-8PM
Saturday: 10:00-3PM

parents' night out

Parents’ Night Out

Drop off the kids for an evening of fun and educational challenges!

birthday parties

Birthday Parties

Make your next party out of this world at Code Galaxy!