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In this beginner Roblox coding course, students learn the basics of the Roblox Studio editor and use Lua programming to create Roblox games.

Roblox is a popular website for kids to play games with their friends, so this course leverages the platform that already interests kids and uses it to teach them career-worthy skills.

No prior coding experience needed.


12 weeks



Introduction to Roblox

Lesson 1: How to Use Code Galaxy Platform

Lesson 2: Introduction to Coding

Lesson 3: Introduction to Roblox

Lesson 4: How to use Roblox Studio

Lesson 5: Handling Blocks

Lesson 6: My First Roblox Game

Lesson 7: Mouse Tips

Lesson 8: Adding Lights

Lesson 9: Jungle Run - Design

Lesson 10: Jungle Run - Negate & Union


Coding Concepts

Lesson 1: While Loop

Lesson 2: Conditionals and Variables

Lesson 3: Functions

Lesson 4: Adding a GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Lesson 5: Final Project

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