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Aspiring high school students considering tech majors or a head start on their programming career can take off with these immersive, fast-tracked learning style coding bootcamps.

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Code Galaxy Accelerated Bootcamps are designed to provide students everything they need to excel in their chosen programming direction. Bootcamp graduates will learn the critical coding skills, logic, languages and frameworks they need to:

✔️ Have a resume that demands attention

✔️ Stand out from the crowd applying for tech majors

✔️ Be hireable based on experience and expertise

2 Days
(8 Hours Total)

Learning, Homework, & Hands-On Project Work

On-Demand Help via Discord

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Certification Upon Completion

Our innovative curriculum and world-class learning environment led by expert instructors will launch students into the career of their dreams!

Web Development

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In our Web Development Bootcamp, students will develop their own static websites using texts, images, colors, links and more through the introduction and application of HTML (the standard markup language for creating web pages).

Our project-based curriculum will help students not only practice writing code, but also teach them how to debug their own errors - developing an extremely important skill set in the process.

Python Basics - Code Galaxy

Python Basics

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In our Python Basics Bootcamp, students will learn the basics of the most powerful programming language created to date through coding Python programs for their own work problems or personal projects (developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization).

Our project-based curriculum will help students develop a deep understanding of Python, while boosting their critical thinking and problem solving skills in the process.

App Development - Code Galaxy

Mobile App Development

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In our App Development bootcamp, students will use Thunkable, an online block-based programming platform, to create their own apps. They will learn basic app design concepts, such as screens, component positioning and navigation. 

Students will also learn computer science concepts that include variables, loops, functions and conditionals. To apply these concepts, students will build and test simple apps.

Bootcamp Benefits

Interactive, Hands-On Projects
Interactive, Hands-On Projects
Learning and lectures can only take you so far - it’s the doing that really makes coding skills stick. Our curriculum is designed with hands-on projects as the forefront.
Accelerated Learning
Accelerated Learning
Learn, understand and apply critical coding concepts in the span of 8 hours. Giving you the speed and momentum needed to take off and fly towards your goals.
Certification That Will Get You Hired
Certifications That Will Get You Hired
Enter the job market with confidence and a competitive edge thanks to Code Galaxy Bootcamp Certificates. Stand out from the pile of resumes and get hired sooner.
Help Every Step Of The Way
Help at Every Step of the Way
An accelerated learning pace doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Instructors will always be available to help with questions, homework and difficulties either in-class or via Discord.
Competitive Advantage for University Acceptance
Computer Science is now one of the hardest majors to get accepted into. Meeting the bare minimum is no longer enough, but our bootcamp graduates don’t have that issue.
Skills That Serve You, Wifi or Not
Critical thinking, applied logic and problem solving are skills that are naturally picked up when learning to code. These skills will serve you for life, even in areas unrelated to tech!

Inside Look Into Code Galaxy
Accelerated Bootcamps

Download our curriculum package for a detailed look at the curriculum, learning environment, objectives and support structures that will be used throughout our Bootcamps.

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Our Students

These bootcamps aren’t for everyone, and that’s by design. Appealing to every type of learning style limits the opportunity for extraordinary growth for the ones who are truly the right fit. This is who we’re looking for:
Basic Coding
Basic Coding Experience
After hundreds of hours spent in research and curriculum development, our team came to the conclusion that accelerated learning just isn’t possible without a basic understanding of the fundamentals behind coding. We want you to start on the right foot!
Passion and Aptitude for Coding
Passion and Aptitude for Coding
Anyone can learn to code, that’s a driving principle at Code Galaxy. That being said, a fast-paced and immersive bootcamp isn’t ideal for brains that aren’t wired for coding. We’re looking for logical, structured thinkers who are committed to a career in programming.
Becoming a developer may not be easy, but it is worth it. Our bootcamp requires hard work, determination and a motivation to get things done. Students would otherwise fall behind in their understanding or homework - which isn’t fair to them.
Our team is imaginative, quirky, fun-loving and kind. If you think you could get along with us, then you will! We don’t expect any specific ‘type’ of personality from our students, all we ask is openness and respect for our judgment-free learning environment.


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2 Days / 8 Hours Total
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Feel Like This Accelerated Learning Bootcamp May Not Be For You?

Our most popular, and our student’s favorite method of learning to code is with weekly classes. Get the same bootcamp outcome while learning at a pace that more closely resembles classroom pace. Have fun, play games, and meet like-minded friends along the way!
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Every student is unique and learns at their own pace. If you’re interested in learning code but feel an accelerated learning bootcamp may not be your style - we offer the very same bootcamp outcome in a private, 1-on-1 self-paced program.
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