Introduction to Scratch Coding


12 weeks


3rd-5th Grade

School Level


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Level I

In this class, students will learn how to use Scratch to code their own games and animations. Scratch is a powerful drag-and-drop programming platform for young students.

Students will learn storytelling through game creation. They will also learn coding and math concepts, such as events, loops, variables, and the coordinate system. No prior coding experience needed.

Level II

The intermediate Scratch Coding course teaches students how to create complex, but much more fun, games using the Scratch platform.

Students will learn how to apply math concepts they learn in schools to add more features to their games. This course is recommended only for students who already have the basic Scratch skills as described in Code Galaxy’s first Scratch course.

Live sessions with an experienced teacher while you code!

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Level I - Scratch Coding


Introduction to Coding

Lesson 1: Intro to Scratch

Concept: Scratch platform and what is coding

Lesson 2: Sequence

Concept: Game flow and coding commands sequence

Lesson 3: Movements

Concept: Sprites movements and coordinate system

Lesson 4: Variables

Concept: Variables in coding

Lesson 5: Loops in Scratch

Concept: Loops


Customizing Assets

Lesson 1: Creating backdrops

Concept: How to customize a backdrop in Scratch

Lesson 2: Animating Sprites

Concept: Code to animate a sprite

Lesson 3: Drawing Sprites

Concept: How to customize and create your own sprites

Lesson 4: Broadcast

Concept: Broadcasting- communication between sprites

Lesson 5: Music Extension

Concept: Coding music tones


Interactive Games

Lesson 1: Pen Extension

Concept: How to code the pen to draw

Lesson 2: Home Screen

Concept: Coding home screen buttons

Lesson 3: Game Over and Win Screen

Concept: Customizing texts and designing screens

Lesson 4: Broadcast

Concept: Broadcasting- communication between sprites

Lesson 5: Music Extension

Concept: Coding music tones

Level II - Scratch Development


Platform Games

Lesson 1: Character Jump

Concept: Jumping and falling

Lesson 2: Character Jump 2

Concept: Gravity and realist falling in games

Lesson 3: Platform Games

Concept: Game platform design

Lesson 4: Level Design for Platform Games

Concept: Levels and obstacles in platform games


Scroller Games

Lesson 1: Scrolling Screen

Concept: Scrolling screen simulations

Lesson 2: Rewards

Concept: Different types of reward system (points, score, time)

Lesson 3: Obstacle and Challenges

Concept: Different types of obstacles

Lesson 4: Level Design for Scrolling Games

Concept: Scrolling games levels

Lesson 5: Free Project

Concept: Creating your own project

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