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Interested in learning more about Python programming? This course will help you learn advanced coding concepts and give you skills to create cool and beautiful graphic-based games with the Pygame library. This course is designed for students who have intermediate Python understanding and skills.


12 weeks



Intro to Pygame and Basic Concepts Review

Lesson 1: Intro to Pygame and Basic Concepts Review

  • Intro to replit
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Output formatting and Inputs
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Variables, Data Types, and Type Casting


  • Review Basic Python Syntax - If Statements
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Loops
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Functions


Lesson 2: Intro to Pygame

Intro to Pygame:

  • How to import and initialize Pygame
  • How to setup and customize the Pygame window.
  • Learn to define colors in Pygame.

Pygame user inputs events (keyboard and mouse)

  • Get keyboard inputs and update screen

Starter Project: (Part I)

  • Setup the game window
  • Code player character (size, position, and color)
  • Code movement

Starter Project: (Part II)

  • Add food creation and spawning
  • Add boundaries check
  • Code Collisions and Make the cube grow

Classes and Method

Lesson 1: Introduction to classes in Computer programming

Practicing classes

Project: Paint Application (Part I)

  • Learn how to create coding classes
  • Turn Pygame window into a painting canvas
  • Apply Python functions and class methods in Pygame

Project: Paint Application (Part II)

  • How to add color change options.
  • Add brush size change options
  • Tracking and Comparing user mouse position
  • Reacting to user change preferences

Complex Projects

Project: Tic Tac Toe Game

Project: Snake Game

  • Creating and displaying UI elements in Pygame
  • Making line growth
  • Simulating horizontal and vertical movements
  • Checking collision and updating screen
  • Using external images

Project: Jumping Fish

Project: Flappy Bird

Capstone Project

Cloud IllustrationIllustration

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