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This intermediate-level course teaches students how to create more complex and feature-rich games by applying the STEM concepts learned in the previous module.

This course is recommended only for students who have completed the Intro to Scratch course.


9 weeks



Platform Games

Lesson 1: Character Jump

Concept: Jumping and falling

Lesson 2: Character Jump 2

Concept: Gravity and realist falling in games

Lesson 3: Platform Games

Concept: Game platform design

Lesson 4: Level Design for Platform Games

Concept: Levels and obstacles in platform games


Scroller Games

Lesson 1: Scrolling Screen

Concept: Scrolling screen simulations

Lesson 2: Rewards

Concept: Different types of reward system (points, score, time)

Lesson 3: Obstacle and Challenges

Concept: Different types of obstacles

Lesson 4: Level Design for Scrolling Games

Concept: Scrolling games levels

Lesson 5: Free Project

Concept: Creating your own project

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