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Artificial Intelligence

The AI course comprises three levels. AI I covers fundamental concepts and techniques, providing a foundation in AI's history and applications. AI II explores advanced topics like natural language processing and neural networks. AI III delves into specialized areas such as generative adversarial networks, explainable AI, and ethics, offering expertise in cutting-edge applications across industries.




Text-Based Coding

Lesson 1: Intro to Python

Concept: Intro to Python programming

Lesson 2: Comments and Inputs

Concept: Comments in Python and getting user inputs

Lesson 3: Variables

Concept: What are "variables" in programming?

Lesson 4: Data Types

Concept: Data types in computer science

Lesson 5: Arithmetic Operators

Concept: How to use arithmetic operators in Python


Creating Visual Art with Python

Lesson 1: Intro to Turtle Module

Concept: Python modules and turtle module

Lesson 2: Angles with the Turtle

Concept: Rotating and turning with Turtle

Lesson 3: Looping with the Turtle

Concept: Using loops to create patterns

Lesson 4: Making Decisions

Concept: Using conditionals with Turtle

Lesson 5: Creative Arts

Concept: Coding beautiful digital visual arts


Intro to Pygame and Basic Concepts Review

Lesson 1: Intro to Pygame and Basic Concepts Review

  • Intro to replit
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Output formatting and Inputs
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Variables, Data Types, and Type Casting


  • Review Basic Python Syntax - If Statements
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Loops
  • Review Basic Python Syntax - Functions


Lesson 2: Intro to Pygame

Intro to Pygame:

  • How to import and initialize Pygame
  • How to setup and customize the Pygame window.
  • Learn to define colors in Pygame.

Pygame user inputs events (keyboard and mouse)

  • Get keyboard inputs and update screen

Starter Project: (Part I)

  • Setup the game window
  • Code player character (size, position, and color)
  • Code movement

Starter Project: (Part II)

  • Add food creation and spawning
  • Add boundaries check
  • Code Collisions and Make the cube grow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) I:

AI I is an introductorycourse that covers fundamental concepts and techniques, such as problem-solvingusing search algorithms, knowledge representation, and basic machine learning.Students gain a foundation in AI's history, applications, and impact onindustries.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) II:

AI II builds on AI I,exploring advanced topics like natural language processing, computer vision,neural networks, and reinforcement learning. Students develop a deeperunderstanding of these concepts and their practical applications.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) III:

AI III focuses onspecialized topics and emerging trends. It covers areas like generativeadversarial networks, explainable AI, AI ethics, and real-world applications invarious industries. Students gain expertise in these cutting-edge areas.

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