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Web Development III

Do you know web development but what to be able to create more? This course is designed to give you opportunities to learn new HTML5 and Canvas web technologies and teach you how to use Javascript code to create interactive online games. This course is for students who have intermediate understanding and skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


12 weeks



Review the Basics

Lesson 1: Review the Basics

  • Introduction to Replit Online Code Editor
  • Review Basic HTML/CSS
  • Review basic JS
  • Project: Cookie Clicker
  • Building a multipage website

Intro to HTM5 Canvas

Lesson 1: Intro to HTM5 Canvas

  • Intro to HTML5 and Canvas
  • Starter games


Simple Games

Lesson 1: Simple Games

  • Events and input handling
  • Multiple sprites
  • Collision Handling
  • Handling enemies and obstacles
  • Coding Formatting Game win/game over screens

Complex Games

Lesson 1: Complex Games

  • Javascript classes
  • Games with physics concepts (gravity and falling)
  • Handling NPC (non player characters)

Capstone Project

Cloud IllustrationIllustration

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