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Intro to Python

In this class, students will learn how to use a text-based programming language, Python. Students will learn concepts and terminology that are common in Computer Science.

They will create fun games and simple programs to solve problems. This class teaches critical, foundational programming in Python, including functions, variables, data types, loops, and operators. These skills seamlessly transfer to other programming languages and coding classes.


14 weeks



Text-Based Coding

Lesson 1: Intro to Python

Concept: Intro to Python programming

Lesson 2: Comments and Inputs

Concept: Comments in Python and getting user inputs

Lesson 3: Variables

Concept: What are "variables" in programming?

Lesson 4: Data Types

Concept: Data types in computer science

Lesson 5: Arithmetic Operators

Concept: How to use arithmetic operators in Python


Loops and Conditionals

Lesson 1: While Loop

Concept: Intro to loops and "while loop"

Lesson 2: For Loop

Concept: What is a "for loop" and when do you use it?

Lesson 3: Conditionals- IF Statements

Concept: Intro to conditionals in programming



Lesson 1: Void Functions

Concept: Intro to functions in programming

Lesson 2: Return Functions

Concept: Return functions explained


Basic Data Structures

Lesson 1: String Manipulation

Concept: Intro to string data types and how to manipulate strings

Lesson 2: Lists in Python

Concept: Comments in Python and getting user inputs

Lesson 3: Dictionary Data Type

Concept: What is a "dictionary" data type

Lesson 4: Capstone Project

Concept: Project design process

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