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So, the time has come for your little genius to write their first line of actual code! If that’s the case, then C# is where you want them to start.

This course teaches kids the basics of the C# programming language. They will learn how to code objects, methods, variables and loops in a fun and creative way. Not through drag-and-drop or editing applications, but with their keyboard.

This is an absolutely vital step to take if your child wants to develop a truly valuable skill set that is applicable to life and future career options. While we understand that video games are fun to play, we also know they are fun because someone had coded them to be fun.

This is why we recommend they start on writing code in C# after Scratch, Minecraft and Roblox. They will not only fully understand the fundamental concepts behind coding, but their passion to continue learning and growing as a coder will have already been nurtured through the fun they had previously!

C# is the language used for Unity, which is why it’s a prerequisite in the pathway.


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