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Computer Literacy

Youngster & Beginner

Computer Literacy

Before you can learn to code, you must first learn how to use a computer! 

In this course, young kids acquire the knowledge and ability to use computers and related technology (such as applications) efficiently. They also learn tips and tricks that might seem elementary to a programmer, but that you yourself may not even know.

This course is the perfect start point for youngsters who are ready to start exploring the world of technology and coding.



Computer Literacy

Module 1

  • Hardware and Computer Parts
  • What is a computer?
  • Main computer parts 

  • Software and Computer Programs
  • Turning on a computer
  • Understanding the desktop screen
  • The taskbar
  • Shutting Down a Computer Safely
  • How to shutdown a computer
  • Closing open programs before shutting down

  • Mouse Handling
  • Parts of a computer mouse
  • Mouse pointer
  • Pointer vs Cursor
  • Mouse techniques
  • How to handle a mouse properly

  • Using a Computer Keyboard
  • Understanding the computer keyboard

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