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Minecraft I

Game Development

Minecraft I

Minecraft is the wildly popular block-based video game that has been the delight of not only children, but those of any age thanks to the creative freedom it permits.

In this beginner Minecraft Modding (Modification) course, students will learn to code, customize, and create usable items for Minecraft within a drag-and-drop environment. Modification is an integral aspect of programming, because it permits going into code that already exists and adding or removing certain features or functions.

Introducing children to Modding through a video game they already love is an excellent way to learn a skill while having fun doing so. Kids can even share what they’ve made with friends and family!

This course is a natural progression from Scratch due to similar drag-and-drop environment styled learning, and ends the Youngster pathway with the fundamental coding knowledge needed to shine in whatever open door their interests lead them to.



Minecraft level 1 module 1

Lesson 1: How to Use Code Galaxy Platform

Lesson 2: Minecraft Terminology

Lesson 3: Introduction to Learn To Mod

Lesson 4: My First Mod

Lesson 5: Testing in Minecraft

Lesson 6: Events in Minecraft


Minecract level 1 module 2

Lesson 1: Loops

Lesson 2: Functions and Loop Counter

Lesson 3: Player Commands and Conditionals

Lesson 4: Functions with Parameters

Lesson 5: Final Project

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