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Mobile App Development I

App Development

Mobile App Development I

In this introductory Mobile App development course, students will learn the basics needed to code functioning Apps and games for smartphones and tablets. 

Students will be introduced to Thunkable (an online platform for app development), and learn the coding concepts that make an App run, including variables and events.

They will also learn design concepts such as how to add and style components (buttons, labels, images, etc), and how to code these components to respond to user interactions!



Introduction to App Development 1

Module 1

  • Intro to App Development
  • Understanding the Thunkable platform
  • Components and Properties 
  • Introduction to Coding
  • Coding UI components
  • Variables
  • Build Color Changer app
  • Input and Math operators
  • Sum of two Numbers App
  • Assets and Images
  • Animal Gallery app


Introduction to App Development 2

Module 2

  • Coding Concept: Logic and Controls
  • Heads or Tails Game app: Design
  • Heads or Tails Game app: Coding
  • Whack-A-Mole Game app: Design
  • Whack-A-Mole Game app: Coding
  • Coding Concept: Functions
  • Paint app: Design
  • Paint app: Coding

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