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Python II

Web Development

Python II

The Python II course builds on everything students learned in Python I, and will teach them how to take what they know and apply it in an intermediate way through creating graphical applications and games using the powerful Python modules of Turtle and Pygame.

New coding skills to create fun games and applications like digital visual arts, cube.oi game, and a paint application will be their reward for finishing Python II. Taking them one step closer to becoming a fully fledged Web Developer.



Python level 2 Module 1

Lesson 1: Intro to Turtle Module

Concept: Python modules and turtle module

Lesson 2: Angles with the Turtle

Concept: Rotating and turning with Turtle

Lesson 3: Looping with the Turtle

Concept: Using loops to create patterns

Lesson 4: Making Decisions

Concept: Using conditionals with Turtle

Lesson 5: Creative Arts

Concept: Coding beautiful digital visual arts


Python level 2 Module 2

Lesson 1: Intro to PyGame

Concept: Intro to PyGame module

Lesson 2: Boundaries Check

Concept: Conditionals to check boundaries

Lesson 3: Classes and Method

Concept: Programming Classes and Methods

Lesson 4: Events

Concept: Using events in PyGame

Lesson 5: Displaying Text

Concept: Adding text to a PyGame screen

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