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Curriculum Pathways

Scratch I

Youngster & Beginner

Scratch I

In this course, students will be introduced to Scratch - a beginner friendly drag-and-drop programming platform where users create their own games and animations.

Students will learn the fundamental concepts of coding, without having to write a single line of code! Events, loops, variables, and coordination that are used even at the highest levels of programming are reduced to their simplest level of understanding that kids as young as 5 can grasp.

Immersive storytelling and fun projects are the cornerstone of Scratch. Kids have fun, express their creativity, and learn the basics of coding at the same time.

Absolutely no prior coding experience is required.



scratch level 1 module 1

Lesson 1: Intro to Scratch

Concept: Scratch platform and what is coding

Lesson 2: Sequence

Concept: Game flow and coding commands sequence

Lesson 3: Movements

Concept: Sprites movements and coordinate system

Lesson 4: Variables

Concept: Variables in coding

Lesson 5: Loops in Scratch

Concept: Loops


scratch level 1 module 2

Lesson 1: Creating backdrops

Concept: How to customize a backdrop in Scratch

Lesson 2: Animating Sprites

Concept: Code to animate a sprite

Lesson 3: Drawing Sprites

Concept: How to customize and create your own sprites

Lesson 4: Broadcast

Concept: Broadcasting- communication between sprites

Lesson 5: Music Extension

Concept: Coding music tones

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