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Scratch II


Scratch II

If Scratch I is learning the ‘alphabet’ of coding, Scratch II is putting those letters together to make words and sentences. 

This intermediate-level course teaches students how to create more complex and feature-rich games and animations by applying the concepts learned in Scratch I.

While still entirely beginner friendly, ‍this course is recommended only for students who have either completed the Intro to Scratch course or have prior experience with Scratch. This is designed to maximize the value students get out of every learning session, and to minimize frustration and poor experiences.



scratch level 2 module 1

Lesson 1: Character Jump

Concept: Jumping and falling

Lesson 2: Character Jump 2

Concept: Gravity and realist falling in games

Lesson 3: Platform Games

Concept: Game platform design

Lesson 4: Level Design for Platform Games

Concept: Levels and obstacles in platform games


scratch level 2 module 2

Lesson 1: Scrolling Screen

Concept: Scrolling screen simulations

Lesson 2: Rewards

Concept: Different types of reward system (points, score, time)

Lesson 3: Obstacle and Challenges

Concept: Different types of obstacles

Lesson 4: Level Design for Scrolling Games

Concept: Scrolling games levels

Lesson 5: Free Project

Concept: Creating your own project

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