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Unity I

Game Development

Unity I

With the programmer’s foundation and first couple hundred lines of code under their belts, the best progression forward for your child is into learning how to build 3D games using the Unity game engine.

Unity is a mainstream way to build games at a professional level, and is used in most game development companies. Including the ones your child knows and loves!

In this course, students apply everything they’ve learned to date to fully code and design their own 3D video games which they get to play and share. This course is an official step out of the beginner zone, so knowledge of events, methods, variables, arrays, functions and writing code in C# is a requirement.

If your child has followed the video game development pathway to this point however, they will find Unity I to be enjoyable, rewarding, and just challenging enough to really help them grow.



Unity I module 0

  • Intro to Game Development
  • User Interfaces
  • Intro to Game Programming
  • Understanding the IDE 
  • Vocabulary and Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 1

  • Vectors
  • Objects and Classes
  • Coding Scripts in Unity
  • Vocabulary and Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 2

  • Simple Graphs
  • Scope and Encapsulation
  • Motion Project
  • Color Project
  • Vocabulary and Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 3

  • Enumeration and Counting
  • WASD Controls
  • Mouse and Camera Controls
  • Advanced Camera Controls
  • Vocabulary and Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 4

  • Type Casting
  • Jumping and Physics
  • Decoration and World Editing
  • Collision Events
  • Vocabulary and Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 5

  • Scene Transitioning
  • UI Canvas
  • Particle Systems
  • Randomization (Scene Setup)
  • Randomization (Script Implementation)
  • Vocabulary and Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 6

  • Programming a Power-up
  • Effects with Trigonometry
  • Setting up a User Interface
  • Programming a User Interface
  • Vocabulary Review
  • Quiz

Unity I module 7

  • Design Criteria
  • Planning
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Presentation of the Game
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