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Web Development I

Web Development

Web Development I

After becoming fluent in the Python programming language, the next step in Web Development is, well, actually developing websites!

In this course, students will learn how to code functioning websites. They will learn how to use HTML and CSS on top of Python, and the different techniques needed to customize, organize, and style their websites.

You cannot code a working website without a firm grasp of Python. This is why we recommend Web Development I only to students who have already gone through the Python section of this pathway, or are coming in with known Python knowledge.



Web development level 1 Module 1

Lesson 1: HTML Tags

Concept: How to use HTML tags

Lesson 2: HTML Attributes

Concept: Improving HTML with attributes

Lesson 3: Styling with CSS

Concept: Introduction to CSS

Lesson 4: Links and Images

Concept: How to add hyperlinks and images to web page

Lesson 5: CSS Selectors

Concept: Different types of CSS selectors

Lesson 6: Tables

Concept: Creating and styling tables

Lesson 7: Capstone Project

Concept: Put it all together project


Web development level 1 module 2

Lesson 1: Layout Tags

Concept: Adding layout tags to HTML

Lesson 2: Navigation Bar

Concept: Creating and styling a navigation bar

Lesson 3: Header and Footer

Concept: Creating and styling a header and footer

Lesson 4: CSS Flexbox

Concept: Creating responsive web pages with Flexbox

Lesson 5: HTML Head Tags

Concept: Understanding the tags of the head section

Lesson 6: Capstone Project

Concept: Capstone website project

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