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Web Development II

Web Development

Web Development II

Can you know too many languages? For programmers and developers, the answer is no!

In this course, students will learn the most popular web development language, Javascript. They will apply their knowledge of this newest language to create website scripts, form inputs, web forms, variables, functions and more!

By the way, if you’re reading this by clicking here, you’re experiencing first hand the types of things your child will learn to build in Web Development II.

Javascript is an intermediate language to learn, and is very difficult to grasp without prior knowledge of Python, HTML and CSS. Which is why it’s so near the end of this pathway, and why we recommend coming to Web Development II by following the natural pathway progression.

*Of course, if your child already knows Python, HTML, and CSS - this is a better start in the Pathway for them!



Web development level 2 module 1

Lesson 1: Intro to JS

Concept: HTML javascript scripts

Lesson 2: Events Handling

Concept: Detecting and reacting to mouse clicks

Lesson 3: Web Forms

Concept: Creating and receiving web forms with JS

Lesson 4: Data Validation

Concept: Validating form inputs

Lesson 5: Project

Concept: Practice JS project


Web development level 2 module 2

Lesson 1: Variables and Conditionals in JS

Concept: Variables and IF Statements

Lesson 2: Functions in JS

Concept: Adding text to a PyGame screen

Lesson 3: Loops in JS

Concept: Using loops in javascript

Lesson 4: Arrays in JS

Concept: Intro to arrays concept

Lesson 5: Capstone Project

Concept: JS capstone project

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