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Web Development III

Web Development

Web Development III

The culmination of Code Galaxy’s Web Development pathway is Web Development III. 

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn the newest technologies used in web development - namely HTML5 and Canvas. As a bonus, they will learn how to use Javascript to create interactive web-based online games.

This course is beginning to touch on expert-level concepts, so we recommend it either as the final step of the Web Development pathway, or for students who have intermediate understanding and skills in HTML, CSS, Python and Javascript.

By the time students graduate Web Development III, they will be completely knowledgeable in how to design functional and interactive websites - from scratch! They will also immediately have a monetizable skill they can use to make money in their spare time, or to pursue a career in.



Web Development level 3 module 1

Lesson 1: Review the Basics

  • Introduction to Replit Online Code Editor
  • Review Basic HTML/CSS
  • Review basic JS
  • Project: Cookie Clicker
  • Building a multipage website

Web Development level 3 module 2

Lesson 1: Intro to HTM5 Canvas

  • Intro to HTML5 and Canvas
  • Starter games


Web Development level 3 module 3

Lesson 1: Simple Games

  • Events and input handling
  • Multiple sprites
  • Collision Handling
  • Handling enemies and obstacles
  • Coding Formatting Game win/game over screens

Web Development level 3 module 4

Lesson 1: Complex Games

  • Javascript classes
  • Games with physics concepts (gravity and falling)
  • Handling NPC (non player characters)

Capstone Project

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