Birthday Parties at Code Galaxy

Let your child celebrate their birthday in a fun and educational environment. We will set up everything your child and their 20 friends need! Choose from themes and courses to get a custom birthday party they won’t forget. We offer multiple fun birthday courses like robotics, Minecraft, and engineering!

Video games, robots, circuits, app development and more - perfect for curious kids that want a birthday that is outside the box.

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Any Day of the Week

options available on weekends and weekdays!

Starting at $249

+$100 Code Galaxy Credit Per Child


Themes, courses and fun add-ons

How It Works

Customize your kid’s birthday package by picking the course, theme, party size, and throw in extras like cake, party hats, snacks and more.

Our team of expert coders will decorate the space and provide food and drinks for your child and their friends. No time to grab cake? No problem. Give us the details on what you want and we will pick it up for you.

Great for both girls and boys ages 5-14. Your kid and their friends will leave with a project they can be proud of and build upon with their new skills!

Available on Saturday's after 3pm-6pm and Sunday's from Sunday 10-4pm.

Parties will last ~2 hours.

Starting at $249 + $100 Code Galaxy
Credit Per Child.

Pricing depends on curriculum and party addons.


Food Provided - $25/child
Bring your own food - $20/child



Goody Bags

Goody Bags

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
$30+ depending on what you want!

Starting at $249 + $100 Code Galaxy Credit Per Child.

Fully customize your kid’s birthday with themes, course selection, and fun add-ons!

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Up to 20 friends at your child’s birthday party!

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Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

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